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You don’t have to always buy through a dealer! What if your neighbour, friend, or mother-in-law has a car, caravan, or motorbike that you like and want to buy?

We can assist you!

Vehicle Finance

Financing a vehicle, be it a motorbike, car, or caravan, doesn’t need to be complicated. 

We guide you all the way and ensure you get the best, most professional deal!

Leisure Finance

Buying a leisure vehicle must be fun and uncomplicated. That is why we have a good track record. We keep it simple and straightforward.

Go ahead, let’s finance your dream!


Do you have a car or caravan that is still under finance? Do you want to reduce your interest rate, installment or repayment period? Or do you want to free up cash to buy a toy, or do some renovation? Refinancing is a good option to consider!

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